FirstName LastName MaidenName Email Planning to Attend?

Mickey Anderson <<<<>>>> ?

Linda Bambas Yes

Janice Beale <<<<>>>> ?

Gary Bucholz <<<<>>>> ?

Kenny Carda Deceased No

Janet Cooper <<<<>>>> ?

Lucille Hartman Jones Yes

Karen Hoag Sejnoha Incorrect Address ?

Philomena Jacox Murray Yes

Nancy Jones Nelsen Yes

Sherry Leasure Dvoracek Yes

Mary Linden Hamik Yes

Dalia Mead ?

Joseph Melmer ?

Lawrence Novotny Yes

Viola O'Connor Hopkins Deceased No

Jim Peacock Yes

Dianne Peterka Johnson Yes

Dan Pipes <<<<>>>> ?

Jim Solko <<<<>>>> ?

Barb Sorlien Myers <<<<>>>> ?

Barbara Thaler Haar ?

Joyce Walker Deceased No

David Watters Deceased No

Betty Westendorf Tiefenthaler Yes

Tom & Mary Westendorf Incorrect Address ?

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