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Alumni Scholarship

Committee reaffirms it's commitment to the Alumni Scholarship fund.

9-8-2004 -- The AC Alumni Committee met for the first time on September 8th and one of the first items on the agenda was a discussion regarding the Alumni Scholarship. 

The Scholarship was put together by the original committee in 1990 to create a pool of money which would be used to award a cash award to one or two Andes Central graduating seniors. The award has been given each year since it's inception and the fund has continued to increase as more alumni donate to the fund.  The fund balance is well over $7000 at present. 

The committee reviewed the present  criteria used to select the recipients for the scholarship award and the monetary amount awarded.  The committee felt that there has been a recent deviation from the original intent of the award, and so voted to set the following as guidelines for the award:

bullet The recipients of the scholarships shall be chosen by the committee as appointed by the senior high school principal. The committee shall consist of a Andes State Bank administrator, the high school principal, and three alumni.
bulletCriteria for the award will include a personal data sheet, a seven semester transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a 300 word essay on what are the senior's plans and goals after graduation?
bulletOne $500 awards will be given each year to the top applicant meeting the criteria.

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